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14/04/2015 [ Trigger Knight JAVA removed ]

Nokia has been acquisition by microsoft, due to the new store, Nokia OVI store has been closed. all the Trigger Knight has been removed from the store, we already contact the microsoft, but somehow no informations about the apps now. its just gone.

14/01/2014 [ Trigger Knight IOS ]
Sadly Trigger Knight IOS has been closed, Due to some error happens when uploading the games.
07/10/2012 [ NOKIA~ ]

Trigger Knight Released! for NOKIA! Java version! get it here!

12/05/2012 [ Trigger Knight iOS ]

Trigger Knight has been ported to iOS. You can find it on Apple AppStore.

12/09/2011 [ Trigger Knight on Kongregate ]

Trigger Knight has been launched on Kongregate. Play on, don't forget to rate it and leave comment.