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"Trigger Princess"05:Breaking the Silence

Posted by Mintsphere

Finally get the engine done and start tailoring the game itself (damn that sure was a SLOOOOW progress...). This is the (unpolished) prologue stage of the game. UI and the stage background itself isn't finished yet, but we do hope you get the feeling of it.

A clash in the Silent Forest

This time i'm going to tell a bit more about the game. First of all, Trigger Knight might seem like a happy-go-round game at a glance, but we're aiming for a bit more gloomy feeling (without being overly dramatic/emo) for Trigger Princess. We are also going to change some things in Trigger's mechanic, some of them are:

Welp, that's all for now! We're sorry for the lack of update post, but we're working as hard as we can, just letting you know.