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"Trigger ~ Extend" 04 : Still Alive!

Posted by Mintsphere

...Barely(?) So sorry for the lack of update during past months, we've got a lot (LOOOOTS!) to do. But worry not! We're not abandoning the website, not at all! We dont really have much show-able update for Trigger Princess (we're working in the innards of the game, after all), but here are some screenies! :D

Battle Screen - Unfinished


Dialogue Interface - Also unfinished

  Note that "Ataraxia" was just a placeholder name, not the Princess' real name. To End this time's update, here's Princess' Full-body Illustration done by Vresu, which also our main reference for the art direction of the entire game (Anatomy, Painting-style, not blocky colors, etc).