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"Trigger ~ Extend" 03 : of Prototype and TriKni iOS

Posted by Fan Fan

Long time no updates! We're so busy with Trigger Knight mobile version that we have no time to work on Project Trigger-Extend! ...NOT! Project Trigger Extend (We plan to call it "Trigger Princess"... You know, because of the Her-Highness, Princess protagonist). Is still being worked on the background :D. We have a prototype done already! Note that it's pretty early work and several sprites are still placeholders.

  The battle looks (perhaps too) chaotic as of now... I think i'm going to tweak it later. The Princess alone is helpless and cannot fight directly, but she can summon up to 6 "Ephemeral Heroes" to fight on her side. These "Ephemeral Heroes" act as her Sword and Shield, and there are several class to choose from, all with their own pros and cons. Summoning the right Ephemeral Heroes at the right stage while still managing your Resources (the same as Trigger Knight) will be the half-key to survive in this game.

  While upgrading and choosing the Ephemeral Heroes already add depth to the gameplay, we will add more depth via Equipment selection. We wont tell how the equipment will change the tides of battle now, but it's the another half-key of the gameplay. How so? Stay Tuned!


Ooh yeah! We already released Trigger Knight for OS too! The article is right here: http://mintsphere.com/post/news/news-trigger-knight-for-ios-released As usual, please help us rate it 5 so it can be seen worldwide! Oh, and if you find any bug, please do report to us, since there are currently strange bug that appears randomly on several devices...