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[MUSIC] Martyr's Edge (OST Trigger Knight)

Posted by Fan Fan

Martyr's Edge (ReMastered) by FanFan Weekend? What weekend? (Spent the entire sunday in bedroom, working on things... I really need to improve my Social Links huhu). Anyway, due to high demand of Trigger Knight BGM, i decided to remaster it and share it to you. You can download it for free and, if you have a soundcloud account, "Follow" me  to stay update of the new release! Enjoy! >w< / *Now working back for Trigger Knight's next update AND it's extension* EDIT: Whoops, Soundcloud download limit reached... I didnt know that they limit the downloads, derp Here's the new download link (Mediafire) : http://www.mediafire.com/?tqe51w0pwsxgpzp