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Luminant Fantasia? Phantasia?

Posted by Mintsphere

Click the picture to play the demo reel! (Newgrounds) Some of you probably noticed we unveiled Luminant Phantasia's Battle demo reel yesterday (or several hours ago, if you're living in the west). "So? What's the big deal? Aren't you guys doing Project Trigger and dead due to overwork or something?"   Well, here's our side of the story: "Project Luminant" was our (FanFan and Vresu's) first project, long before we found our lovely game development circle (we're not really a company), MINTSPHERE. It was a full-scale, Polished-to-shine, Vanillaware-inspired RPG. And right there is our problem; It's too grandiose for our own's good. And so, after 5-months of (hellish) development, we realized that we need, well, more fund and manpower to realize this project.   In order raise ourselves some capital, we decided to make a smaller-scale project. That project would be called, you guessed it right, "Project Trigger".   However, when Trigger Knight did succeed (and the "real" Project Trigger - Trigger Princess is being made), we decided to look back to Project Luminant and find ourselves surprised; During this year grinding ourselves in game development, we are all Levelled up!   So it's a good thing to level up, right? Well, not really. Since we leveled up, all last year's work and asset in project Luminant Phantasia are, relatively, "pale", in comparison. For example, when Vresu tried to make another character in the same style, this new character's animation turns out to be more lively, more detailed than Luminant's last year asset. When we compare the new asset with the old asset, the result was really contrast (the old asset looks ugly).   If we want to continue Project Luminant, we have to replace most of the asset, and that almost the same with making a new game. In the end, we decided focus on "Project Trigger" for now, and re-boot the project later with entirely new Assets (and hopefully, staff members). What about the old asset? Well, we decided to compile it into a playable reel, then as you see now, release it for anyone to try! (And hopefully get valuable feedbacks for the full game).   In case you're asking "Are you still working on Trigger Princess?", our answer is "Yes, we are, albeit in a sluggish progress". We are setting a new office, mails and business offers come from here and there (which is awesome! Although made us really busy), various college tasks (for me), etc. But we're not dead yet! No worries!   ===   tldr; Project Luminant is shelved for various reason, will be rebooted sometimes in the future, we are focusing on Trigger Princess.   Thanks for everyone asking about Project Luminant, and sorry we can't deliver the game just yet!