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BBS Open!

Posted by Mintsphere

If you noticed, you'll find a new link in the upper corner. I've integrated a Bulletin Board System (BBS) so the people can easily interact each other. You can discuss, ask, report bug of MINT's game, or even post other's game, and even non-game or random things! Feel free to use as you see fit! If you have any new section that needs to be covered, or something simply post (in /ask/, preferably). Why not Forum? The reason why we used a Futaba-style Imageboard is it's speed and simplicity. Everyone won't have to register, can jump in discussion or create a new thread at will. People dont need to know who you are if you want to (anonymousity), so really have your privacy there. === Keep in mind that the mod team can still ban your IP  (and your proxy, should you hide in one) should you post anything dangerous. Aside of that, please post anything and use at will whenever you see a fit. It's there for everyone! BBS: http://chan.mintsphere.com/